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Version 1.5.0
Version 1.5.0 is now ready to be played. I should make a note that this version isn't a feature release however, due to the many back end changes I have decided it warrants a version increase.
  • SQlite has been converted to MySQL
  • Optimized the back end of the server a lot.
  • Stats now save as they change, meaning server restarts won't reset player's stats.
  • Changes to how death and kills are handled.
  • Players now get 1500 money for a kill.
  • /changepass syntax text has had a typo corrected.
  • Changed /pm to /dm.
  • Changed /blockpm to /blockdm.
With the gamemode now converted to MySQL I will be working on a web page which will have stats for players to check out and be able to perform basic tasks such as seeing top 10 lists of specific stat categories and comparing a user's stats to another. Doing such a major back end change also means the ability to add more powerful administration tools. We may also look at making the forums link with the in game database for easier access to the website and forums in general.

Should there be no major bugs in this release (I have not been able to find any in testing) then we should be good to go on adding new features.

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