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Last Man Standing
[Image: cHmVtEU.png]

You 'member this? I 'member... It was fun.

This is Last Man Standing. What is it? It's exactly what it sounds like, the last person to remain human wins.

How does it work?

- An administrator activates the mode using a command (/lastman for example).
- The threshold for being able to turn back to human based on the server population changes from 65% to 100%.
- Zombies are unable to /menu while the mode is active.
- Dying from anything while the mode is activated will turn you into a zombie.
- Human factions can (but don't have to) team with any other human faction while the mode is activated.
- The Last Man Standing gets a substantial reward (to be determined) when they (finally) fall to the zombies.
- The mode ends when the whole server population is on the zombie team.

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