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In-Game Rules
Last Updated: 15/05/2018

  1. No hacking tools, cheating or third-party modifications (i.e CLEO modifications) that give you an advantage over other players.
  2. Be respectful and refrain from instigating conflict, making defamatory and inflammatory comments.
  3. Zombies and Tyrants may not team up with any other team. This includes (but is not limited to): teaming up with one team to attack another, preventing other zombies from attacking their intended target and leaking zombie tactics and positions on the map to other teams.
  4. Do not abuse bugs, when they are found, they should be reported here - knowingly exploiting a bug will result in serious consequences.*
  5. Do not driver drive-by on pedestrians (people on foot), driver drive-by is only permitted for attacking vehicles.
  6. Do not quit/relog to evade administrator punishment.
  7. Do not quit/relog to avoid playing as a zombie - if you are killed by a zombie, get one kill and you can /menu to a different team.
  8. Do not suicide to avoid being turned into a zombie.
  9. Do not car ram excessively or with intent to kill another player.
  10. Do not car park.
  11. Do not attempt to circumvent the ban system. If you are banned (even if you think it was by mistake), you should make an appeal here.
  12. Do not back-seat moderate/admin - if someone is breaking the rules, use the /report function or make a player complaint here.
  13. Do not attempt to impersonate an administrator.
  14. Do not ask for administrator ranks - Server Management will approach people who they feel are capable of administrating.
  15. Do not attempt to boost score - allowing someone to kill you, or killing someone with their consent/without them fighting back in order to gain score - this is unsporting and unfair to other players.
  16. Do not attempt to encourage or trick other players into breaking the rules.
  17. VIP interiors are safe areas, do not attempt to kill or infect other VIPs in the lounge(s).
  18. You may speak any language in the server, however be aware that administrators may use translation services to translate messages suspected of breaking or encouraging to break the rules.
  19. Do not attempt to car jack players on the same team.
  20. Do not attempt to leave the play area - this is Las Venturas, Bone County and Tierra Robada. Other islands are outside the play area.
  21. Do not damage vehicles being used by players on the same team - this is the same as team killing.
  22. Do not attempt to gain access to VIP restricted areas - Las Venturas Golf Course and Caligula's Casino, marked by fenced off areas.
  23. Do not attempt to attack VIPs inside VIP restricted areas (see above), similarly, VIPs are not permitted to attack players outside the restricted areas.
  24. Do not attack an administrator on duty (identified by this colour).
*G-Bug and C-Bug are permitted - administrators can enable/disable measures to make C-Bugging difficult at their discretion.

Administrators have guidelines on punishments for offences, however it is their discretion as to what punishment they give (if any). If you do not agree with an administrator's decision, you may report the administrator using the "Admin Complaints" section on this forum, pending review by a Head Administrator or member of the Server Management Team.

Server Management reserve the right to modify/terminate your account at any time without given reason.

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