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Some of my ideas
1. More climatic weather; night, rain, fog etc.
2. Add Armor in weapon shop.
3. Add Health regeneration for $ in hospital.
4. Add some kind of missions/actions:
- Briefcase run; random briefcase spawn on map - first player who will find and take it will get $ and some score. Alternative: Each base will have its own briefcase. The opponent's task will be to capture it and take it to his base.
- Apocalypse time; score and $ x2 for example 10 minutes in random moments.
5. Add inventory & items system, for example:
- First aid kit (maybe based on Resident Evil series; Green herb, Yellow, Red and Blue + ability to mix them.)
- Sprint booster
- Damage booster
- Anti-Infection Potion
- Zombie scanner
6. Boss mode (zombie option) for VIP player that allow you to become a boss (higher health, damage, speed etc. and better reward for his killer) for example once on 1 hour.
7. Add /loot cmd to loot dead players and take his $.
8. Limiting skins for zombies, 'cause for example: CJ as zombie is not a good look.


I have a lot of ideas. I will write new in future.
1. I imagine I will update the time and weather system soon to be a little more dynamic.
2 & 3. Possibly. Would need to work out pricing for them etc.
4 & 6. Similar systems are planned for future releases.
5. A little too RP server for my liking.
7. We tried a pickup system years ago and it didn't really work that well. Maybe I'll try again one day.
8. Maybe, we can trial it and see if it's liked.

Thanks for the suggestions. Smile

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