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Script to Map IG.
As it says in the title, if you can get  a script to map IG, we might be able to turn it to a more mapped apocalyptic zone, you know, the server's lacking map wise.
Not something I would put into the main server however, I am happy to accept maps to put into the server.

I would advise using this tool: to create maps.
However, with that tool, sometimes the maps disappear, That's why if it's possible to have a script that allows you to map it IG it'll remain permanent and visible.
How do the maps dissapear? I don't understand. We've never had that issue.

EDIT: Mapping in game is possible HOWEVER, it is not ideal as we use a streamer for objects to stop players crashing if too many objects are loaded into the map. If an in game map was used it might cause issues, and that's all if we just ignore the biggest issue - it'd be really, really, really slow to map with.

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