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White Team?
Your IG name: Onil
Score: 1155 463 zombiekills
Describe the bug: White Team?
Can you replicate it? If so how?: I do a 10 Kill streak and mine colour team was changed to White, I was zombie, and after that mine colour change, can't use /bite, can't use weapons, and I do 7 "zombie" kills and no one count.
[Image: 4gm62u.jpg]That is the moment were I got 10 Killstreak
[Image: 10crlas.jpg]There I kill 2 like ""zombie"" and doesn't give me Zombie Kills, but mine Kill Streak UP
[Image: dbmrn7.jpg]That is previous to kill Spaguetti, 463 zombie kills
[Image: 120gxuh.jpg]After kills him have the same Zombie kills
[Image: 207l1cg.jpg]This is how it look in Score Board
[Image: rk6i2r.jpg]Can use Stun but can't use bite cuz i'm not zombie?
[Image: jtkxsi.jpg]After like a hour I was killed by other zombie -.-?

In fact, I'm Zombie cuz can only use Chainsaw, but can't use Bite but can use stun, also can't buy weapons and kevlar on /vshop and Ammunation, can't fly on Helicopter but that kill what i do doesn't + zombiekills.
You would know about the "White Team" if you had read the patch notes for 1.4.0.

The other issues outlined do seem to be an issue due to the changes in 1.4.0. I think I know what is causing these issues now I have seen what is being described via pictures and some videos you posted on your other two reports, which it would have been easier to place them here since it all comes under the same issue.

After having a look in the code it seems I have set some variables on the wrong players when the kill streak ends, meaning the killerid is the one who has their team changed, meaning it messes with the player who actually had the kill streak allowing such things to happen. I have now fixed this and patch 1.4.2 will have this fix.

I have also fixed the issue where if you were a zombie and had a kill streak of 10 or more that you could not use the zombie commands, as well as not gaining zombie kills.

Thanks for giving me the details I needed to fix the issues.

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