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Patch 1.4.2
Patch 1.4.2 is now ready to play. Please note that we now have a new IP and some more slots. The server is based in Canada as I wanted to find a nice in-between location latency wise for the majority of our players and it seems Canada offers the better pings for all round. While this means the EU players' pings will rise, the South American playerbase (of which we seem to have a few Tongue) should lower giving (hopefully) a more balanced experience. If we find this to not be the case we'll look at moving back into the EU.

New server IP: OR if the domain doesn't work:

On another note, before I move onto the changelog; If you have suggestions or bug reports PLEASE use the relevant boards ( respectively), suggestions given via PMs will be ignored, and bug reports may not be seen. Please also note that I am not the only one who has the source code which is why those boards are in place so that all people who have source code access can check up on and possibly solve bugs without me having to do all the work.
  • Fixed a minor issue with /menu setting the team too soon allowing Zombies to re-turn you into a zombie before you have a chance to spawn properly.
  • Fixed an issue with /bite infecting the person using the command rather than the intended target.
  • Fixed /bite being unusable by players who were on a kill streak of 10 or more.
  • Fixed an issue where Zombies with a kill streak of 10 or more would not gain zombie kills.
  • Fixed an issue where the teams were being set incorrectly when the kill streak player died.
  • Added a mode that can be activated by an admin "Last Man Standing".*
* Last man standing is described: - Rewards will be between 20k and 50k money depending on the difficulty for the person who was last alive. Reward is within the Administrator's discretion as to what value is given.
Nice bug fixes

Talking about change server UK -> Canada, put Argentina for example, me on server UK have 280 Ping and in Canada 260, really doesnt make much different, for Spaguetti is the same, so not make difference on change the place, should Mexico have like 70~150 instaed of 200.

I want to play the new mode xD
Fair enough. I imagine it's at least not WORSE than before?
(22-05-2018, 10:36 AM)Burridge Wrote: Fair enough. I imagine it's at least not WORSE than before?
It's worse than before because the South American ping has barely decreased (because of routing through the land). My ping is more than twice as much [80 ---> 200]. Let alone anyone from Russia/India. The ping between players is always a sum of both. By the geographic map, Portugal/Spain should be best, followed by Ireland/France. But I don't know if the Spanish network isn't worse so I'll ask Onil to ping Spain, Portugal and New York.
You speak as if I have no idea how latency works (spoiler alert, I do). I didn't need a breakdown on how it all works, thanks.

A simple reply telling me whether or not it's playable would have sufficed. My post was in response to Onil specifically in regards to what he posted.

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