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Meow's presentation ♥
My name is Joisy Montenegro, I am studying and working, I live in Venezuela. My first name is Miau in the game and then I preferred to put "Miau" for my pet, I love her very much. I am a very friendly person, I have always liked having new friends and I like to be fun. My hobbies are playing in SAMP, at this moment I do not practice any sport but I like soccer and I am a photographer:p. I am a player now of zotdm from now on, I met them, but I had never reached the forum because I did not know English and that complicated me a lot. My first server that I played and liked in many ways. My objectives at this moment is to obtain my degree in Engineering from the University. Nobody would say, but thanks to SAMP, I learned many things and now I'm very good in English, that helps me a lot in my subject at university.
Bienvenido al servidor amigo, cualquier duda que tengas me consultas, soy Onil en el servidor Smile

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