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Patch 1.4.1
A patch for yesterday's 1.4.0 release is now ready to play!
  • Bandits now have their own base.
  • Bandits now have 100 armour on spawn.
  • Bandits now have 2000 ammo for their AK and Deagle.
  • Bandits no longer spawn with a shotgun.
  • Added /bgate.
  • Added /bcommands.
  • Added some vehicles to the Bandit base.
  • Removed some old vehicles which bugged out due to the new Bandit base.
  • S.T.A.R.S and Umbrella spawn with 2000 ammo for each weapon now.
  • A new map has been added at "Octane Springs".
  • A few typos were fixed.
  • /stun & /pull no longer show incorrect messages if they cannot be used.*
  • Old random spawns for "Bandits/Civilians" have been merged into the Zombie spawns.**
* People were claiming that players without the perk could use the command. In testing this was not found to be the case, instead the command would show syntax but not actually activate on correct usage. The commands now return an error message if the player is unable to use them.

** This now means Zombies can spawn in 35 different places around the city.
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More to come yet! Updates will be slow for a few days at least as I am traveling home tomorrow for the summer. I have already started work on 1.5.0 as well since 1.4.1 seems pretty bug free from what we can tell. If you find any bugs please report them in the Bug Reports board so I can fix them as soon as possible.

1.5.0 will add a lot of new things for players and teams to do, I think people will enjoy them.

One such addition:

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