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A new feature release is now ready to be played! Get ready for an extensive changelog as there are some things which may change play style.
  • The Civilian team has been removed.
  • A new team "Bandits" has been added.
  • Removed the current VIP lounge.
  • Removed the current VIP vehicles.
  • Added two new VIP lounges.*
  • Added lots of new VIP vehicles at both lounges.
  • Fixed an issue where /menu would cause Tyrants to only have 200 HP.
  • Zombie perks are no longer locked once chosen and can be changed unlimited times.
  • Two locations for buying weapons have been added (Gun icon on the minimap)
  • A new anti virus location has been added.
  • Added a hospital icon on the minimap for antiviruses.
  • Killstreak changes.**
  • Removed some redundant code.
  • Removed S.T.A.R.S /supply command.
  • Umbrella's /inject command no longer has a cooldown on usage.
  • Zombie's /bite command no longer has a cooldown on usage.
  • Removed the weapon shop from the pirate ship.
  • Added a couple of new maps.
  • Removed weapon pickups.***
  • Removed weapon skill.
  • Fixed Umbrella's /inject command being usable on Tyrants.
  • VIP shop has been updated. (can be used at BOTH lounges).
  • All hostile actions (weapons, /bite, /inject etc.) are no longer usable inside interiors.
* One VIP lounge is ONLY for the VIP team. The other is for ALL VIPs regardless of team.

** If a player has a killstreak of 10 or more they will have their colour changed and their team changed. They will also show up on the radar REGARDLESS of team. Everyone in the server (again, regardless of team) will be able to kill them for a large money reward.

*** We are planning some changes to the way pickups operate on our server. To begin this I wanted to remove the pickups for now until we have implemented the better and more fun system. With more weapon shops and more weapons available for players to buy.
VIPs anti viruses were not put back in after the VIP lounge change, this is a mistake and will be corrected on the next server restart!
#4 has been released now with the following;
  • Admin duty colour saves after spectating.
  • VIP vehicles are fixed so non-vips cannot drive them.

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