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Hi, Onil there.

     Ok, I will type about one thing what don't like to me beeing V.I.P; For me, others time, like UMBRELLA and S.T.A.R.S it should not be allowed to enter the VIP sector, I know if you pay VIP it's like an a benefit and more, but if you pay, and go UMBRELLA o STARS, they already have their base and VIP can't go in with the normal mode like with commands /UCMG or /SGATE, I have not problem if they want use the cars/boat/sparrow, but they can't be on base with the VIP guns, Kevlar, Health, Cure of infect, if you want everything of that and are vip, just, be on team VIP.

     Doesn't need to said nothing about zombies, he can't use weapons, why can go in house   Confused

     If the reason of that he can go in house it's because VIP is a benefit/plus, just be team VIP, if it's because is a neutral point, just stay in our base, and if you are zombie, other players can't see you in map, so...

     Another is, should appear with M4 in inventory and rifle and not search ammo or buy it on vshop.

I hope you take this suggestion, and that if you are going to deny it is based on a good foundation.
Like I said to Heeydavs last night, this is not how VIP works, and not how it has EVER worked. I don't see why after 7 years why this is all of a sudden a problem? If someone has paid for access to that lounge they can have access to it REGARDLESS of their choice of team.

Quote:If the reason of that he can go in house it's because VIP is a benefit/plus, just be team VIP

No, because like last night, nearly all of us were VIPs, which made the game unbalanced. So for balance a few of us switched to Umbrella., that shouldn't then lock VIPs out of something they've PAID for. VIPs shouldn't be EXPECTED to choose the VIP team which you do not seem to understand is PART of the OVERALL VIP package as outlined:

Secondly, as I also mentioned to Heeydavs, VIPs are having a bit of a rework soon. Me and Jack were already discussing how to change VIPs yesterday (among other changes) when this "issue" was brought up however, that change won't be around yet due to me still doing much needed housekeeping to the gamemode before major changes start being done. I can say I am nearly there so once I am done with that I will begin work on 1.4.X which will add some changes that are needed/have been discussed.

I will not go into detail about exactly what is changing but what I will say is;
  • VIPs will have two lounges. One for the VIP team itself to spawn at, AND one for all VIPs regardless of team. Both of which are non DM zones.
  • More vehicles at BOTH VIP lounges.
  • Some balance changes for the VIP team so they're not quite AS overpowered as they are now.
  • VIP shop changes.
All I ask is that you give me time to actually do said changes. The gamemode is going to be getting a LOT of balance changes over the next bunch of patches and versions.

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